We all drink water but the way we get it has certainly changed. With the new crop of designer water bottles now available here are our top picks

There's no getting away from it we loved the latest FOSH (available in stores throughout the UK and in Europe and also online on 'Flip Ranges where FOSH have cleverly put a sports drinking lid with their high end water bottle, a combination that really works.

These water bottles are simply superb, they have a solid feel in the hand, FOSH say they have thicker outer walls than most and you really can feel the difference. They are a pleasure to use simply flipping open and shut which is uncommon on a high end 'designer water bottle'.

 The wide neck allopws icve to be easily poppid in, something woefully missing on the Chillys bottle and all the other 'cola styles which are so commonplace now, but these details are so important, if you are going to invest in a water bottle make it a good one and FOSH is certainly that, we loved them!
Main attributes of a good water bottle

Performance.    Look for a minimum of a vacuum, prefferably triple insulated and certainly a wide opening

Look.  Single colours look amazing but ensure they are powder coated, if a pattern is required check the finish as many we tested were not smooth

Cost.  A great water bottle should be in the region of £20 - £30 pounds, if your spending more make sure its worth it as we found some absolute beauties within this price range.

Brand.  A good brand here is probably more important than normal as you cannot see a vacuum nor the wall thickness etc so buy once and buy well, you would not make a mistake buying our top pick thats for sure!

If your not keen on the 'flip' type lid there are options everywhere for you but yet again it is the practicality combined with beauty that brings FOSH to the top of its class.

The range is simply too much, if we were to be critical then I wanted to own more than just one of them but this is not to bad a problem to have.

The main area about any water bottle is its function so we really went to town on this area.

We were delighted with FOSH as they had packed the bottle with features that really they could have let slip, things like the wide mouth, the copper layer deep inside the vacuum totally unseen but working silently to reflect the constant heat of your hand away from its contents! The powder coating itself is far more durable a finish than paint which, to our surprise even Swell used paint on their far more expensive bottles, was not just one coat but two! The company said two coats offered longer life but more importantly a deeper colour so important to their ethos.

Chilly's water bottles were the best of the rest but really there a cheaper version of the world wide leader SWELL who, although are more expensive, are a much better bottle in our opinion.

Chilly's have some real drawbacks, they are vacuum filled but have not got the copper interliner as FOSH have so the heat reflection is not there, they have the common 'cola' shape, probably just us but different there not, but it lets itself down when your trying to put a decent sized ice cube ito it as the drinking spout is far too small.

In their defence we can see they offer a 'kit kat' sized 'ice cube tray' for the bottle so they resalise the problem but this will only work as you leave home obviously.

Chilly's say they are the 'market leader' and this could be one of the main reasons you would buy it as they do have a large distribution network.

Verdict.  A good water bottle for the money and stylish designs.

Brand Endorsement

Whenever we look at a brand it is important to see how well they are received it their local area and also further afield. FOSH appear to have got quite a following being the official bottle of Newcastle United Football Club gives us a lot of faith in the brand credentials.

As we searched out the products it appears they have done work for quite a few major brands again supporting their claim to be 'the best water bottle in class'.
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